Tom Simmons Stables

Common sense horsemanship, quality using and sport type  registered Morgan horses

About Us

      At Lincoln Hills Farm, all horses are bred for athletic ability and superb mental attitude. They are bred for substance without coarseness. Being square gaited is a must. Our mares have been tested and used before being bred. This guarantees us that the foals will come out of a mare that has the qualities that we want in our sport and using horses.   

        Tom trains his  foals with a slow and very painstaking method. His horses are good citizens first, useful products second, then show horses. Tom’s horses go where you want, when you want , at the rate of speed you want.

Text Box: Some LH horses do actually  work for a living…
Photo by Cathy Suttles
Text Box:  Tom Simmons driving Caduceus Fortran. Caduceus Fortran, known to us as Culpeper, is the sire or grandsire of many of our LH horses.
Text Box: We used to do this too…
Triton Nathan, Tom Simmons up.

To contact us:

Phone: 336-503-0394


Text Box: Tom Simmons  at  the June 2008  Grass Valley, CA clinic at Noble Beasts Ranch.  Several times a year, Tom travels to California  to give a  horsemanship clinic to further progress the participants, both equine and human.  It is a meeting of friends united in their love of horses and respect for Tom’s ability to help them and their horses. 
Clinic photos by Nancy Rojo
Text Box: Tom Simmons  at  the September 2009 Clinic in   Tryon, NC hosted by the Carolina  Carriage  Club
Clinic photos by Jan Smith