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Clayhill Gidgett   (Armageddon X Eight Dollar Widgett)  BELLE






RoseCreek  Sara Lee

(Caduceus Fortran X Clayhill Gidgett)

Owned by Pam Payen


LH Covington 


Photos of LH Covington by Crosley Photography

Clayhill Gidgett, affectionately known as Belle, is a very special horse. She competed in several disciplines: carriage driving , CDE, jumping, and cattle penning. She is a dependable trail horse, a “driver’s ed “ horse and most importantly, a wonderful broodmare. This year, even though she has not had a foal for 3 years, she acted as a foster mom to an orphan foal, pictured below.  Her legacy, her foals, are pictured below with their owners. They are successfully competing  in ranch horse competitions, competitive trail riding, dressage and hunter  competitions.  We thank Pam, Alanna, and Julia for providing such wonderful homes for Belle’s  foals.